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Minimized Costs, Increased Profits

High processing fees deplete your profits. Avoid having your hard-earned revenue devoured by such costs. The Board of The Brain Incorporated reduces your card processing rates, which saves your establishment a significant amount of money over time. We are based in New York City, and also offer convenient business loans to help you prosper.

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Merchant Card Processing

Our company offers card processing services where we outsource your merchant card processing to get you the best rates. Whether you need to switch from your current merchant account or are in need of new credit card machines, we make it happen. If you just opened a new restaurant, we offer you a free machine to get you started.

In order to help you to succeed, our company promotes your business. As a business owner, sometimes you are unaware of the high processing fees that you are paying. We review your current account and either match your current rate or get you a better deal. Our goal is to provide you with lower processing fees.